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Face Kit

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The perfect kit to do facial waxing or touch up!

The applicators in this kit are small enough to allow for precise application. 

Face Kit With Jelly Wax

  • 10 Facial Spatula Applicators
  • 10 Facial Pick Applicators
  • 1 Natural Exfoliator Pads
  • 5 Mini Jelly Wax Tins
  • 100 Grams Jelly Wax
  • FREE - Eyebrow Spooly

Face Kit Without Jelly Wax

  • 10 Facial Spatula Applicators
  • 10 Facial Pick Applicators
  • 1 Natural Exfoliator Pads
  • 5 Mini Jelly Wax Tins
  • FREE - Eyebrow Spooly

How To Use Your Face Kit!

Step 1: The day before you plan to wax, lightly exfoliate the places you are going to wax with gentle soap and water. Each face kit comes with a natural exfoliator pad that is perfect for gentle exfoliation. 

Exfoliation helps to prepare your hair for removal the next day. 

Step 2: The day after you exfoliate, wash your face to remove any oils or makeup. You can lightly dust talcum or baby powder on your skin to achieve a better removal. The powders can help the wax stick to all the hair you want to remove and absorb any remaining facial oils. 

Step 3: Place your Mini Jelly Wax Tin into your Jelly Wax Warmer waxing pot. Pour your Jelly Wax Beans into the tin and heat your wax as normal. We include a free Eyebrow Spooly to help comb your eyebrow hairs so you can have a more precise wax. 

Step 4: Using your precision applicators, apply in small strips in the direction of hair growth. Do smaller strips to maintain precision, and avoid mistakes. Wait 20-30 seconds until your strip is slightly flexible but cool to the touch. If you wait too long, your wax strip will snap, be slightly more painful, and won't give you a clean removal.

Step 5: Apply an aloe vera gel or post-wax oil when you're done waxing. 

The Waxing Cycle

Hair grows in 3 phases that spread over an 11-14 week span.

Phase 1: Anagen phase. This is when the hair is actively growing. This phase lasts between 4-6 weeks. This is why we recommended waxing every 4-6 weeks. In this phase, there is hair actively growing from the bulb and is rooted deep in the follicle. The follicle is the target when we wax. Hair that is waxed in this phase typically comes with the end of the hair called the root, and if you're lucky, part of the bulb. Waxing at this phase of hair results in longer-lasting hair removal, and smoother, finer hair after regrowth!

Phase 2: Catagen phase. This is when the hair has detached from the bulb, and starts shedding. This is the second-best hair to wax, not getting the bulb, but still getting a slightly longer-lasting result.

Phrase 3: Telogen phase. This is when the hair is shedding and usually comes out painlessly. 

*You may notice that after waxing, there are a few hairs that will slightly poke out a few days after. These are new growth hairs in the anagen phase. You can get rid of this with a cleanup strip, or the next time you wax! The more you wax the more cleaner finish, less pain, and longer-lasting results you will have!




Takes away the hair without all the pain. It’s super easy to use and easy to clean up. I love it!

Anastasia L.

It’s SO good. I’m extremely happy with my purchase. I was able to get much better results! I typically went to European Wax Center for my Brazilian waxes and it always is so painful. I kid you NOT, Jelly Wax hurts WAY less and I save money by doing it myself.

Leanne M.

This is actually a great waxer, it’s totally worth it and is a lot less painful then other waxes!! It boggles my mind why people pay so much money to have someone else looking at your body!

Ameena S.
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