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Jelly Box Refill

Jelly Box Refill

Jelly Box Refill

$35.00 Sale price


Need A Jelly Wax Bean Refill? 

The Jelly Box is the most convenient and cost-effective way to refill your Jelly Wax Kits! 

Valued at $52/Box! 

What's in your box? 

+ 500G Jelly Wax Beans

+ 10 Large Applicators

+ 10 Facial Applicators

For only $30 Every Other Month, you will receive a Jelly Box every other month! That means you will be receiving 6 Jelly Box's a year! 

Or if you only need a few boxes, we offer a single Jelly Box for $37!

You will receive 100 Grams of 5 different scents for our Jelly Box! 

+ Rose - 125g

+ Green Tea - 125g

+ Honey - 125g

+ Lavender -125g 

* Please note: If you select the Bi-monthly subscription you will be charged $20 every other month. (Ex: If you receive your first box in June, then you will be charged $20 in August and your second box will be sent out) Cancellations are available at any time! This does not apply to the single box purchase! *  


Takes away the hair without all the pain. It’s super easy to use and easy to clean up. I love it!

Anastasia L.

It’s SO good. I’m extremely happy with my purchase. I was able to get much better results! I typically went to European Wax Center for my Brazilian waxes and it always is so painful. I kid you NOT, Jelly Wax hurts WAY less and I save money by doing it myself.

Leanne M.

This is actually a great waxer, it’s totally worth it and is a lot less painful then other waxes!! It boggles my mind why people pay so much money to have someone else looking at your body!

Ameena S.
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